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From time to time you have to clear out all the junk in your food patterns that clog up your body, slow you down and prevent your body from operating at its best. My program is a gentle 'stepping down' off of foods that can upset your body's natural rhythm. You will still eat food, just real food.


This is not a scary hardcore detox that will have you drinking nothing but vegetable juice for weeks. This is a gradual elimination of foods that throw your body off balance, out of alignment. You should feel energized, lighter and more in control.

Natalie's 30 Day Detox works wonders for:


increasing your energy


improving your sleep


cutting your cravings


shaking off a few extra pounds


simply looking and feeling your best

New Stuff!!!

As your guide in this program I will provide you with the following:


  • Detox kit including:

    • Dry skin brush

    • Tongue scraper

    • Probiotics

    • Parasite cleanse

    • Candida Cleanse

    • Samples of detox friendly food products and more

  • An initial meeting to discuss and outline the program

  • Weekly workshop style meetings where we will cover:

    • Easy meal preparation.

    • Stress reduction techniques

    • Healthy snack make and take

    • Clean self-care make and take

    • Much More

  • Easy to follow Program guidelines.

  • Program calendar for effective planning

  • Food / mood journal outline

  • Smoothie making guidelines and recipes.

  • Where you can eat out while on the program 

  • Access to closed Facebook group for support and sharing

  • Access to closed Whatsapp group for more immediate support and sharing

  • Regular emails to guide you, keep you on track and give you new ideas, articles to read providing valuable information and insight

  • Recipes for you to try as you learn more healthy cooking.

  • Direct access to me for any extra support you need (not unfettered access but definitely as soon as I can respond)



How can you tell if this program is for you?


If you answer yes to any of the below it's worth a try.....

  • Do you suffer from afternoon fatigue?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping at nights?

  • Do you struggle with food cravings?

  • Is your weight more than you'd like it to be?

  • Do you feel a little puffy, bloated?


Space is limited in so don't delay in booking your spot

Next session is:


January 14 - February 12; Initial Meeting January 6, 2017

Early bird pricing of US$499 in effect until December 25th

Program cost: US$599 payable in full up front


a payment plan is available of 4 installments is available consisting of a US$299 deposit then US$100 for 3 weeks.  (credit card only).

Are you convinced that this is the right program for you? 

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