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6 Weeks To Wellness
Start taking control of your health NOW

Stop the STRUGGLE. 

Stop the GUILT. 


Between work, home, relationships, maybe even children, you end up eating foods that are convenient but not nourishing. You know, and feel, that you are not your best self right now.  You are overweight, or close to it, stressed and sluggish.  You may even experience brain fog or forgetfulness.  

In addition to knowing that you're not feeling your best self, you're also getting a little sick and tired of being sick and tired (and bloated) all the time.  

This perpetual cycle of insufficient sleep, non-stop work, little to no exercise, zero self-care and poor eating has to STOP!.

Do you:

  • Keep trying diets and falling off track?  

  • Opt for yo-yo dieting to try to lose weight quickly?  

  • Find it hard to get into a proper routine of eating and exercise?  

  • Find it difficult to make good choices?  

  • Need guidance, advice and accountability?


Six Weeks to Wellness (6W2W) was designed with you in mind. 

If you are ready to:

  • Learn sustainable ways to lose weight and keep it off

  • Recover your energy and vitality 

  • Get rid of those aches and pains

  • Level up your wellness

  • Improve your quality of life

If you want to accomplish all that plus FEED your BODY, MIND and SOUL, then Six weeks to Wellness (6W2W) was designed with you in mind. 


An unbiased, non-judgemental coach can help sift through life’s noises and help you focus on clearing your path for sustainable lifestyle choices. There’s also a bit of magic that happens in groups; you will find immense support from each other.

In this on-line group coaching program we will:

  • Meet as a group on-line weekly for 6 weeks

  • Set realistic achievable goals

  • Be supported through a group WhatsApp chat

  • Benefit from being held accountable by both Natalie and the group.

You will learn easy ways to: 

  • improve your nutrition 

  • improve your sleep

  • reduce your stress

  • move more

  • infuse more mindfulness into your life

Every week we will learn a little and chat about what’s working and what’s not.  We'll strategize on how to overcome the obstacles that present themselves along the way. We'll also share, with each other,  tips and recipes that are working well for us.

What's involved

  • Six weeks of group coaching with set enrollment dates

  • Six zoom meetings

  • A mixture of education and coaching around wellness topics

  • Accountability

  • Goals worksheet 

  • Articles on topics of interest

  • Handouts 

  • At home exercises 

  • Breathing exercises

  • Free BMI, body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age checks

Goal Setting

  • We will uncover your WHY

  • We will set realistic and achievable goals

  • The group will set some common goals

  • You will also set some personalized goals.

  • Based on the goals set some topics and material will be tailored to each group but certain basics will be covered.

We are going to cover topics such as: 

  • Relationship with food: mindful eating, an understanding of portions, macros and meal planning

  • Sleep: how much you need and how to optimize it

  • Hydration: how much you need and why

  • Gut Health: what impacts it and how to improve

  • Eating the rainbow (your veggies)

  • Inflammation: causes and solutions

  • Brain Health: how to protect and preserve

  • Balancing blood sugar: sugar content of foods and avoiding hidden sugars 

  • Stress: it’s impact and how to mitigate, manage and cope. 

  • Self Care: why it is important and inexpensive

  • Exercise: the importance and the 3 types needed: strength, cardio and flexibility.

  • Supplementation: how to tell if you need supplements and what you need.

Expected Level of Support

  • Private WhatsApp group for ongoing support.

  • Videos and reading material to support your learning and wellness journey.

  • Food – mood journal,

  • Recipes

  • Meal planning tips.

  • Discounts at The Life Store Wellness Boutique during the duration of your program.

What Our Clients Say


"Natalie is not just a Coach she is a game changer.  In Jamaica it is difficult, even amidst the fruit trees and abundant nature, to integrate what we see around us into our lifestyle. Natalie gives you a blueprint of how to eat clean and make it a part of ones daily living.  What was most rewarding for me as the mother of young children, is to be able to share this with my kids.  It was whilst doing the detox that I slowly realized the benefits of changing my eating:  Increased energy, positive mood and clearer thinking.  The lightbulb went off and because of Natalie's program I started making small changes to my children's diet. My older child in particular started seeing improvements in his mood...the dreaded teen years seemed a bit smoother not to mention the added benefits of a leaner physique.  I think this program is a necessity for anyone interested in healthy living not just for self but for their entire family!" 

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