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Snack Sexy is all about providing you with gluten and dairy free snacking options to keep you feeling awesome.

Orders are fulfilled within 48 hours and you will be contacted to know when and where to collect.

Bliss balls J$1,000 

Date, nuts, seeds and raw cacao powder, occasionally coconut flakes.
Available Flavors:

Pecan passion

Hazelnut heaven

Pink bliss

Cashew cluster

Peppermint fudge

Gingerbread balls

Superfood bliss

Superfood Power

6 to a container

Chia Pudding J$500

Slightly crunchy, oh so yummy goodness of chia seeds,

non dairy milk and your below choice.

Available Flavors:


Passion beet



1 - 4oz container

Overnight Oats J$500

Gluten free oats soaked in a blend of almond milk 

and your below choice.

Available Flavors:

Passion beet




4oz serving

Glow Soup J$1000
All sorts of vegetables blended up with a hint of coconut oil for creamy warm goodness with a drop of essential oil.

Zucchini Spinach Glow Soup

Cauliflower carrot Glow Soup

10oz bottle

Black Bean Salsa J$1000
Black beans, bell peppers, cilantro and red onions in olive oil and lime juice. Great for a snack, a salad topping or a side to a main course.
8oz serving

Hummous J$1000
Chick peas and tahini blended to a creamy dip. Available in original, avocado, carrot, beetroot, or garlic and chives.
6oz serving

Green Smoothie J$1000

10 ounces of blended goodness made with local organic vegetables and fruits, boosted with super foods such as hemp or chia seeds.

10oz serving

If you have any aversions to any fruit or vegetable please let me know in the comment section of the form.

Salad Dressings J$1,200

Avocado Rosemary

Blissful Basil

Sweet n’ Jerky

Garlicky Lemon

Ginger Peanut

Sesame Ginger

10oz bottle

Fermented Veggies J$700


Beet Root


Red Cabbage


Mixed Cabbage and Carrot

4 oz serving

Introducing Essentially Sexy:

An essential oil line

Sleep sweetly Pillow Mist $1,500

Peppermint Body scrub $2,500

Lavender Body soak $2,500

All bottles are welcomed to be recycled and can be returned at any time to 18 Arcadia Circle

Payment can be made by cash at pick up point.

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