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We designed this holistic program to deliver to you a complete reboot of your body and a new approach to your nutrition.  We provide all you need...YES ALL MEALS....Done for you!!!!  Couldn't be easier. We will not only deliver this month to you but we will teach you along the way so you can continue your healthy lifestyle shift going forward.

Created to maximize fat loss, Summer Shred also focuses on :
• Healing your body
• Reducing Inflammation
• Balancing your hormones and blood sugar
• Improving your sleep

Register by June 20th for Early Bird Pricing

What Can You Expect?

Concierge service every thing done for you, all you have to do is commit.  We do the rest.

Take your life and health back with an expertly designed daily intake.

What else?

So let me tell you all that you will be getting while on this program.  


You will get a month’s supply of:


 Low Carb Lunch

 Low Carb Dinner
 Superfood Smoothies
Glow Soups
Meal plan
At home mini workout plan
Colon Cleanser
Sleep Elixir
 Probiotics to heal your gut
Milk Thistle to support liver regeneration
Apple Cider Vinegar
Collagen for younger looking skin
Vegan Protein
Prebiotic Fiber Blend
Weekly calls for support
Daily Meditations for relaxation
Recipes for use after the program
Private consultations to monitor progress and address specific concerns
 Body Fat, Muscle Mass and BMI monitoring

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