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Thrive in 45 is an individual personalized roadmap to achieving your wellness goals.  It all begins with a body composition profile, an epigenetic test (which is done in office) and a deep dive into your current diet and lifestyle.  I will then tailor a plan for you based on your goals and your nutritional needs.


Your plan will include recipes and ongoing support. You get a plan and recipes for:

  • 15 nutritionally cleansing days (5 of soups and smoothies, 10 days of smoothies soups and salads)

  • 30 days of clean eating

  • Food journal template

  • Guided meditations

  • Exercise plan

  • Sleep hygiene Plan

  • Stress management Plan 

  • Weekly video call check ins

  • In person follow up sessions


It’s JMD$45,000 ($1,000 a day).

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