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Ready to Renew - Restore - Reset!


I created this program to show you how in just a few days you can actually start to feel better when you clean up your diet. 


DISCLAIMER:  There's no part of me that is suggesting that you live on liquids forever.  Why not consider this a “gateway program”, designed to show you that you can sleep better, feel better, think more clearly and so much more, when you feed your body with nutritious food and stop the onslaught of junk.

This program is a holistic Health Coach led mini detox designed to allow you to pause and reset. 

What's Included?

  • There are 3 guided preparation days (recipes included) and 3 re-entry days to ensure best results.

  • While in the detox days, you will receive a daily delivery of 3 smoothies and 2 soups per day (unless you're out of town then your package comes frozen all at once). These are balanced for adequate protein and fiber and energized by superfoods. You will receive the recipes for the smoothies and soups.

  • A daily magnesium supplement, liver elixir and antioxidant/sleep elixir will be provided during the program.

  • We will enjoy the camaraderie and support of our fellow detoxers through a WhatsApp support group.  


We offer this program as either a

3 Day Detox

or a 

 5 Day Detox

Here’s what each entails: 

Daily delivery of: 

3 smoothies 

2 soups 

Liver elixir 

Sleep elixir

Activated charcoal 


What's the Cost?

3 Day Detox is US$165

5 Day Detox is US$260


All programs entitle you to:​

  • a discounted individualized coaching session (US$50).

  • You also get 10% off if you are a repeat detoxer in the past 12 months. 

  • You also get 10% off at The Life Store Wellness Boutique

Upcoming sessions:

June 17

July 15

August 12

September 16

Registration Deadline is the Wednesday before the session starts.
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