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Wellness with Natalie: Ten tips on what to eat

People hear that I am a health coach and the first thing most ask me is: “What should I eat?” or “What is the best diet for me?” My response usually floors them as I tend to say: “I can’t answer that question just like that.” Shock and horror! How can this be? And you call yourself a health coach!

Well, the thing is that there is this concept of bio-individuality. It teaches us that what is “best” for one person is not “best” for another. There are literally hundreds of dietary theories out there - you know some of them. Popular today are Paleo and Keto, you may have heard of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the Blood Type Diet, you could eat according to Ayurvedic principles, or with the seasons.

We can explore some of these dietary theories in future articles, just let me know which interest you. But to answer which one is “the best diet”? Well, that would be the one that supports your overall health. You do not feel bloated, you have energy for your day, your weight is appropriate for your height, your skin glows and of course your bloodwork results and other medical tests are within the guidelines of normal.

There are, however, certain basic principles of what to eat and what to avoid that my education, reading and experience suggest work best for EVERYONE. So I’ve compiled this top 10 list for you. Is it exhaustive and complete? No, it’s just my top 10. But it’s a pretty good start if you are seeking to improve your health.

1) Eat real food not fake food, like substances made in factories.

2) Eat a diet high in a variety of vegetables.

3) Incorporate moderate amounts of fruit.

4) Incorporate small amounts of healthy fats from seeds, nuts, avocado (pear), extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

5) Drink water, not juice or sodas.

6) Avoid refined and processed sugars.

7) Never, ever, ever consume artificial sweetners.

8) Avoid fried foods.

9) Avoid non-food additives in your food, including preservatives, food colouring and natural or artificial flavouring.

10) Listen to your body - it will tell you what is or is not working.

Originally published on Loop

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