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Wellness with Natalie: Are you nourishing yourself?

We nourish our bodies with so much more than food. The circle of our life is completed and our lives are nourished by relationships, connections, movement, thoughts, the work we chose to do, our education, our finances. We rarely think of these aspects of our life as nourishment, but they are. Just as food we consume needs to be healthy so that our bodies can be healthy, these aspects of our life must be fulfilling and positive in order for us to feel empowered, vibrant and healthy.

When I first started writing these articles someone asked how I made the switch from corporate to my own business while carrying a full-time job and a family. I thought it was time to share the answer with you. I literally had no choice.

Up until my 30s my career was sufficient to simply provide funding for the life I wanted to live. I did my best at work because that drive is inside me, but work did not fulfill me. There came a point where I needed more from my work than a good salary and benefits. There was so much fear, though. Fear of failure, fear of being not good enough, all this fear holding me back.

So how did I leave my bank work? With loads of support! Support came in many shapes and forms. A few close friends in whom I confided who encouraged me. There were two phenomenally courageous women who coached me through the mindset shift that I needed and helped me develop the actual to-do list that I had to accomplish in order to leave my job. I was also lucky enough to have a family who understood my need to shift career paths and supported me in any way they could.

Understand that my work environment, my seniors and my colleagues were probably the best I could have ever worked in, for or with. But there came a tipping point when I just had to close my eyes and jump. At this point the pain of staying in my comfortable job was greater than my fear of leaving.

After I left I wondered why it took me so long, but all things that are to happen do so in their own time. I am eternally grateful for every lesson I learnt during my time in the corporate world, they all serve me well now. Finally my work now has so much meaning, it makes my soul feel alive… I now change lives. My children speak about my work with pride. I’m teaching them valuable lessons in life. Has it been easy? Ahm NO! Has it been worth it? HELL YES!!!

Originally published on Loop

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