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Wellness with Natalie: Here's how to ferment your own vegetables

So, remember recently we shared with you all the wonderful reasons to add a spoon of fermented veggies a day to your meals? We spoke about supporting those healthy gut bugs.

Well this week, we will share with you a simple do it at home recipe for you.

Let’s start out easily with a simple fermented cabbage, commonly known as sauerkraut.

You will need:

½ lb finely shredded cabbage

¼ tsp salt

A clean jar


Lightly salt and toss the cabbage, being careful not to over salt. Use those taste buds here, you can always add more salt but not take away.

Pound the salted veggies with a pestle (from the mortar and pestle) until all are well bruised and the juices start to squeeze out of the cabbage.

Pack them tightly into a clean jar using the pestle to pack them in, and cover the jar with its lid.

Leave the jar out on the counter so the fermentation can begin.

Every few days, open the jar to release the pressure. If any mold starts to grow on top, you can remove that and throw it away.

The longer you let them ferment the sharper the taste will become.

When your veggies taste the way you want them to then you can put them in the fridge.

When you are ready to up your game, you can add seasonings such as scotch bonnet pepper, garlic, and turmeric before you start fermenting.

Have no time to make your own? We make for our clients, just email us and we can tell you more.

Originally published by Loop

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