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Wellness with Natalie: Summer = salads

It’s hot…real HOT!!!

You feel sluggish and drained from the heat. Maybe even a little irritable (or a lot LOL). Had you even considered that certain foods could aggravate that even more?

The traditional Indian approach to medicine, diet and lifestyle known as Ayurveda encourages us to eat in tune with the seasons. So, in the hot summer months we want to eat foods that are cooling, that will pacify the heat. This means less alcohol, and not too much spicy or sour flavours.

Foods to be encouraged are lettuce, cucumbers, cilantro, kale and zucchini. The cooling properties of these foods will help to keep you a little cooler. Also try adding in aloe vera, watermelon and mint for some cooling refreshment.

Why not try these recipes below created in our kitchen and tell us how you feel. (These recipes are diabetic and low-carb friendly).

Aloe Watermelon Smoothie

¼ cup Aloe Vera Gel

1 Cup watermelon seeded

½ cup water

Few cubes of ice

Few sprigs of mint

A squeeze of lime

TIP: Aloe is less bitter if you slice it from the plant and hang it to drain before peeling off the thick outer skin.

Blend everything together and enjoy through a straw.

Summer Chiller Salad

½ cup chopped cucumbers

½ cup finely chopped kale

½ cup sliced cherry tomatoes

¼ cup finely chopped cilantro


Juice of 1 orange

1 tablespoon olive oil

Dash of salt

Chop and toss ingredients. Pour all dressing ingredients into a bottle and shake well. Drizzle over salad and toss well.

Top with your fave protein source or none at all.

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