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Wellness with Natalie: It's all about balance

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach actively building a practice in its 3rd year,- I’m busy. Add to that the fact that I am basically a single Mom (divorced but in a supportive relationship and their dad participates) I am BUSY.

My list of things to do grows faster than the rate at which I get to cross things off the list. Oh, and did I mention that we are launching multiple projects all at the same time before year end?!?

I tell you all of this not to prove that I am busier than you, I know there are some mega super women and men out there. I share this to tell you I UNDERSTAND THE HECTIC YOU. Especially because someone just added the fuel of back to school traffic to the mix.

In all this hectic, we must find balance.

When people hear Health Coach they think “food and weight loss” - but my practice is so much more. That is actually one of the reasons why my love partner and I are uniting as business partners, because together we cover the spectrum of holistic wellness, food and shelter, and everything in between. You can actually follow that brand as it unfolds @open.the.brand.

I believe that food is secondary nourishment and this circle of life (courtesy of my school, The Institute of Integrate Nutrition for which I am an ambassador) represents the primary sources of nourishment in our life.

Balance across these aspects of our life is very important, but balance does not mean tending to all things at the same time. I like to refer to Steven Covey's concept of 'Big Rocks' as a time management tool; I use it as a life management tool.

Our big rocks are what are important and the pebbles and sand are everything else that steals our time away from our important priorities.

My recommendations are:

Pick no more than three big rocks - mine are family, health and finances.

Prepare and Plan ahead. Schedule in the time to tend to these things. Bobby my partner says "How do you spell LOVE? Well you spell it,T I M E". When you schedule this time, it is NON NEGOTIABLE. No phones to disturb. With my family, and especially the girls for example, we have 6-8 pm. 6pm is dinner together around the table, 7pm is to the bedroom to prepare for bed, comb hair, talk about the day, read stories, say prayers, then it's lights out at 8pm. My phone is automatically set on "Do not disturb" except for family members from 8pm till 7am, so after daughter-time it's partner time, unless I have a detox running and I will check the phone periodically.

Delegate what you can - so order our Eat Sexy Meal Prep for delivery if eating healthy is one of your goals - one less thing to worry about

Create insurance policies - I always keep 5 of my Super Amino 23 and a container of Power Shake powder in my bag for when the days get hectic and I do not have time for a meal.

The non-negotiables have to be non-negotiable or they really are not serving their purpose of tending to your priorities. Gym time, family time, and work time deserve your attention - without the distraction of the pebbles and the sand. When life gets hectic, reaffirming your priorities keeps you focused and helps you sift through the sand.

Exercise, proper diet and adequate sleep are what you need to get you through life, no matter what your priorities, because you can't pour from an empty cup. You can’t drive to Negril with no gas in the tank. We need MOVEMENT<WATER< FOOD< REST. I have learnt the hard way that if you go go go till you drop, your body will force you to stop. And it's much nicer to take the break on your own terms.

So if you want a little help with your priorities, email me and let’s set a time to chat.

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