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Here is our Feel Good Friday top health tip!

This Feel Good Friday’s health tip is: Plan a trip to the beach! Yup, it’s summer time and it’s hotter than ____ (you can fill in the blank as you see fit).

All I know is this summer feels hotter than any I’ve felt before. A trip to the beach will cool you off, but it’s also good for you and can make you feel oh so good! And here’s why….

Vitamin D Baby!

Vitamin D is one of only two vitamins that are made in the body. Lack of this can make you feel fatigued, depressed, can result in you getting sick more often and contributes to general aches and pains.

In addition to making you feel better, adequate Vitamin D is needed for good bone formation and reduced risk of diabetes. You heard me! Vitamin D is also needed for good fertility... HELLO!!! Reducing PMS and PCOS symptoms in women and increasing sperm quantity and quality in men I’m gonna just leave that one right there.

You should only supplement with Vitamin D if you have been tested and your levels are low. However, sensible sunlight exposure is a great way to get what you need (defined by as 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times per week).

Of course we recommend using SPF of 30 or above to prevent sun damage, but SPF factor cuts your body’s ability to make Vitamin D by 95%. So slather up your face and shoulders - leaving arms and legs (maybe even tummy) - exposed for a few minutes to make that D! Wanna know our fave sunblock to use? Click here for no nonsense sun protection.

Sea Salts

That beach trip and ocean soak make you feel ooohhhhh sooooo gooood because of the sea salts in the water. Vital minerals and trace elements that your body needs are readily absorbed through the skin. It’s a real thing! If you live close to the ocean, get there as much as you can to benefit.

Ever notice how good you sleep after a day at the beach? That’s the magnesium talking! Magnesium is the second most present mineral in ocean water (next to sodium) and it is vital for energy production, improves sleep and increases insulin sensitivity.

Translation? It keeps you healthy and makes you feel good!

So grab a few friends (because community is key to brain health) and go explore the beautiful beaches near you.

Which beach are you planning to visit? I’m a lover of beaches so please share your finds with me!

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