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5 top tips to manage overwhelm

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I know it’s Feel Good Friday, but sometimes life doesn’t feel so good. Do you find yourself in that place sometimes? Where you are tired, you’re achy, your things to do list is ever-growing, you find yourself complaining more and more about stuff that seems like it’s outside of your control?

You know you were meant for something greater than what you’re experiencing at this moment. In this time, you feel like it’s all falling apart. When this happens my friend, you are overwhelmed.

I know this place very well. With my drive to help as many people as I can, sometimes I put myself under way too much pressure and then forget to take care of myself. I forget that the word “no” is acceptable. A good friend reminded me just this week of her practice of saving her “yeses” for the really important people and projects so that when something special comes around, she has the time, energy and ability to say yes because she practices saying no.

It’s not selfish. It’s self care.

Wanting to develop my ability to invite more quiet and stillness and balance into my life, I decided recently to sign up for a 30-hour yoga immersion. Now this may seem a little contradictory as if I’m already feeling overwhelmed and can’t actually find time to do one hour of yoga a week, how did I think I was going to find 30 hours in a two-week period to dedicate to this???

In all it’s apparent contrariness, it actually worked! Carving out this time and making preparations to protect it (such as arranging adequate childcare) was a real benefit. I actually feel like I took a vacation over the past two weeks and this practice brought a lot more calm and stillness and balance into my life.

So Feel Good Friday's tips on how to deal with your overwhelm are:

1. Commit to some time (even just 5 minutes) of reflection daily, journal at this time and see if you can uncover themes and trends and identify what may be causing your overwhelm.

2. Practice saving your Yeses for the most meaningful occasions, saying no to the requests that do not align with your purpose and mission but that only bring more chaos without meaning.

3. Create a space of renewal for yourself based on what you identified in tip #1.

4. Practice regular breathing exercises and even meditation.

5. Carve out regular self care time - a relaxing bath, a massage, reflexology, a yoga class or even just curling up with a cup of tea and a good book.

If you need a little help implementing these tips and want to strategize together, just “book a coaching session with” me by clicking here - and let’s get you feeling good this Feel Good Friday.

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